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Hospital Sanitary Shower Thongs

Hospital Sanitary Shower Thongs

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A pair of arch support thongs so comfy and supportive, you'll never want to take them off your feet! 

Medium Lady Size 

Didn't you realize that Hospital bathrooms are breeding grounds for biofilms—slimy patches where multiple groups of microorganisms stick together. Rinsing or even using soap and water will not kill the organisms living inside; doing so will only wash them away. Only the mechanical action of a scrub brush can eliminate potential hazards caused by biofilms, said Dr Philip M. Tierno Jr., professor of Microbiology & Pathology at New York University’s School of Medicine.

Think of how many bleeding women have been in that shower before, the strong chemicals that cleaners have used to remove any biological residue and whether either there will be too strong and damage your skin or not and have actually residues in that shower. 

Pretty awful. 

That's the reason thongs are an essential in any maternity bag. And the big forgotten! 

Don't take the risk, add an extra pair to your order now that you can! 

Product Details


  • Soft rubber sole
  • Non-slip


  • Medium fits: US 5/6 UK 3/4  EU37/38
  • Large fits: US 9/10 UK 10/11  EU 43/44


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