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Newborn skin peeling off!

Dear new mama, 

if you are expecting and you are wondering, what is the best body milk, moisturizer or in general cream for your baby, please do not be scared of what comes next, here you will learn what to expect after birth, how to look after a newborn's skin, what are the best skincare brands and products worldwide for babies. 

But if your baby has already arrived, you might have noticed that in the first week of your newborn, it seems to be changing the skin like a snake, it is a rather impressive view, the underlayer of skin can be very red and sometimes crack and bleed! 

Now don't panic! 

It is normal! 

Your baby’s skin is more delicate because it’s been for 9 months in a bag full of liquid. Duh! Imagine your skin after a 9 months long bath... 

It is a very dramatical change of environment and parents need to be weary of it. 

Yet, it can be avoided by simply applying coconut oil, the favorite choice of NHS Midwifes. 

The first time I was recommended to use coconut oil on my newborn, I totally freaked out, I thought: 

If I apply coconut oil to its hands and fingers, she will notice the flavor and maybe like it better than my milk, and will be constantly sucking on it, leaking her hands, feast, fingers and that's about it because newborns can't reach much else due to the limited mobility of those tiny bodies. 

Anyway, I was absolutely wrong, and I am not ashamed of admitting it. Coconut is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins, coconut oil nourishes and gently moisturizes skin. And I personally have never seen my little one sucking on it. 

Now if you wish to explore more elaborated options to nurture your baby's skin, this is our top 3 of products that you can find practically in any country. 

1 - Organic Coconut Oil -  available in any supermarket. 

2 - Weleda - Organica Calendula Body Cream 

Due to the plant’s calming and uplifting character, calendula is great for the delicate skin of new-borns and toddlers. Particularly in babies and young children, the skin forms a warming and protective layer with fat stores to ensure the healthy function of internal organs. But young skin can’t adapt to sudden changes in temperature on its own. Baby skin needs additional support in the form of loving care, clothing and warming treatments. This is where the soothing extracts of calendula come in, helping to develop the resistance and protective role of young skin. Learn more about Calendula and it's benefits.

You will find that weleda products are a bit thicker, we recommend to warm them up in your hands to facilitate applying them, the natural thickness is due to its richness and there it requires to be more delicate when rubbing it into the newborns skin. 

3 - Mustela - Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Hydra Bebe lotion provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to baby's skin.
With avocado, this lotion protects and strengthens baby's skin barrier and can be used daily, from birth on. We love it because it is more fluid and has an unique fragrance that is delightful, substile and long lasting.  Leading brand in France since 1950!


Disclaimer: Remember we are international Mamas, we totally support local businesses and try always to include local items in our packages, but, we understand that you might not have access to our local products.

Also, bad experiences taught us to preferably trust skin products that have been elaborated in laboratories, with certified organic products, big multimillion insurances and safety and quality controls in place. Because if something goes wrong, you want to know what is in the product, badges and most of all you want to have a company to demand responsibility of.