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Newborn Essentials - What you need vs what you don't need ( but you can buy if you wish)

Are you wondering: What do I really need to buy before giving birth? what are the must have baby essentials? What are nursery essentials? What to buy for the trip home? Do I need to buy something to feed the baby? What is necessary to put a baby to sleep? This are very common questions and you will find your answer to these and many more in this article.

Even though it's good to have everything ready by the time your baby arrives, considering finances and making space for all the newborn stuff in your house should not leave you worried.

In this article we give you the list of must-haves and also share some of our go to products based on our mother's community.


1.Car essentials:

· Baby capsule / Car seat: Capsule makes it easy to carry your baby around in it but the tenure would be just few months and when comes to car seat, there will be more room for your baby to relax and there are several models available in the market.

According to our research the one which is convertible, that has good head support and moisture absorbent is a go to for any parent.


2. Clothing:

Pick something lighter and soft. Though baby clothes are the cutest items in your checklist, remembering that your baby grows very fast in the early weeks will let you buy limited clothes.

Top brands like Bonds offers a wide range of baby clothing. These products are known for their smooth material and vivid designs. For the first few weeks all the clothes your bub needs are:

· Onesie x 6

· Pants x 4

· Tops x 4

· Caps x 2

· Bibs x 5

· Swaddle blankets x 4 / Sleep bags x 2

· Socks x 2

· Mittens x 2

· Jumpers (if it's winter)


Wouldn't it be great to have a cocktail pack of all the best brand nappies in one bag so that you can see which one suits your bubs skin?

This is the concern many mums we talked with had. Considering this we have gone a step ahead and included a nappy bundle with all different kind of nappy brands and one reusable nappy bag to make it easier for you.

Apart from nappies other must-haves are:

· Nappy rash cream – organic plant based non fragrant cream is the most recommended for newborns by the pediatricians. That's why we love Weleda and their amazing Calendula collection, made with organic calendula and chamomile, it soothes pain and itchiness while gently protects your baby's skin

· Baby wipes – fragrance free wipes like "CURASH" are our go to as it protects bubs bottoms from irritation.

4.Baby gear:

You will come across multiple and diverse items on internet and baby stores that might promise to be extremely necessary, so here is the trick, if the item is on this list, buy it straight away, if not, and you are not sure if it is really necessary ask around, you can ask your midwife, friends and relatives, all parents are more than happy to give parental advise!

Here are the most important ones you should consider buying.

· Pram

· Carrier bag (Optional)

· Bassinet if you decide to co-sleep

· Cot

· Mattress ( If not included - if one is included you do not really need to buy another one)

· Blankets x 2 (you might get many in your babyshower)


5.Baby Bath essentials:

Bathing your little one is so much fun and an amazing way to connect with them. You can choose to use your kitchen or laundry sink with all the safety measures in mind. Or buy,

· Baby bath tub (if you prefer) and

· Body and hair wash - We recommend you Weleda Calendula because it works wonders in all types of skin, even eczema and removes cradle cap very gently.

· Massage oil

· Face washers.


6.Baby feeding must-haves:

Breast feeding is one of the less discussed topics you hear about when having a baby. Many mums especially first-time mothers need assistance in the early weeks of breastfeeding as it sometimes takes toll on your mental health.

Attending breastfeeding educational class during pregnancy and talking to a lactation consultant can make you feel more confident. Having said that we have a lactation consultation included in our delivery bag to support all the mums to be.

So, all you need when you decide to breastfeed is:

· Breast pump – To keep up your milk supply and to make it easy for both you and your baby if you are thinking of going back to work within few months. Our favorite is Elvie 

· Milk storage sachets.

· Nursing pillow (optional)

· Nursing bra (optional)

When formula feeding you should buy:

· Bottles with newborn teats size s or slow flow ( depends on the brand)

· Sterilizer 

· Formula for new born. We recommend you to choose one that is easy to purchases in your nearest store, you don't want to run out of it and having to wait for more to be delivered.


Finally, cleaning up your home well in advance of your due date, cooking some freezer storable meals for the first few weeks to eat after delivery, packing your delivery bag around 36 weeks (You can check out our all included "Ready to go" hospital bag here) and organizing funds in advance will make you feel more relaxed and gives you time and energy to concentrate more on your newborn.

We wish you all the luck in starting this new chapter of life.