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How midwives support women

"I am just one of many many thousands of midwives, who are devoted to saving lives gently."- Robin Lim, America.

Pregnancy is a sacred and monumental time in every women's life. Having a specially trained midwife would make your period more manageable. Midwifery is providing appropriate and holistic for women and their families.


About midwifery- for pregnancy, for women

When people talk about midwives, I believe many of you are familiar with them. Do you know what are they actually do and how important they are?

Midwives are health professionals who support women during pregnancy, labour and after the birth. They aim to assist women in having a healthy pregnancy and giving delivery naturally. Midwives are trained in the natural process of things and they well collaborate with medical doctors to provide specific care. Midwives really focused on the personal relationship with each new mom that provides besides support while they are in the hospital.

Newborn-How midwife support women 

What midwives do during pregnancy:

  • Give you general information about staying healthy pregnancy, including diet and exercise advice.
  • Check how your baby is growing and the position.
  • Giving complete antenatal care, helping work on the antenatal plan, if you have one.
  • Provide expert pain relief advice during labour process
  • Provide emotional, physical, and practical support and answer all of your questions. No concern your questions is very small.


What midwives do during labour:

  • Give suggestions for positions and movements to aid in labour and birth.
  • Guide your breathing and help you to relax.
  • Offer pain relief options, including medication support if needed.
  • Keep track of your progress and suggest strategies to assist your labour.
  • Check your baby's heartbeat and other external and internal fetal signs.

In a hospital, your midwife will assist you with an obstetrician on your process

If you have chosen to give birth at home, your midwife will manage your labour and delivery.


What midwives do after birth:

  • Assist you with your recovery in your postpartum period and provide pain relief when necessary.
  • Educate you with breastfeeding. If you may don't like breastfeeding, they will help you with formula-feed.
  • Arrange routine health tests, such as newborn screening.
  • Teach you how to handle your newborn's care, such as how to change nappies and wash your baby.

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What is the right time to find a midwife?

After you find out you're pregnant, you should contact a midwife immediately. You can either go to your GP or book a midwife consultation directly.

Midwifery appointment is usually carried out at home, children care centre, community or at the hospital. Midwives on call can give you lots of convenience and benefits.

For this reason we have included a 1 telephone or videocall midwife consultation in our birthing essentials set. To ensure our customers have all the guidance they might need in a moment of distress.