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First Outing With Newborn

After spending weeks of postpartum resting and healing, you may the feel the urge to get out of the house and go shopping, have a coffee or catch up with friends.  

The thought of this may cause anxiety as this will be your very first outing with your bub. You may feel worried about handling your baby and what to do. Are you asking yourself questions like, what do I pack to go grocery shopping? How do I feed the baby when we're out?

This article will provide answers to some of your questions and share tips on how you can prepare for that first outing with your baby to make it less daunting.



Making a Checklist: 

Now, this might seem basic but trust us, when you are out with your baby; you don't want to run to different zig-zag shops and end up not buying anything. Instead, you want to complete the task quickly and avoid your little ones' cries.

List down everything you need to buy on a notepad or on your phone.

Categorize items like grocery, pharmacy, and clothes, etc. This will give you an idea of how much time it might take and help prioritize what to shop for first.

Pro tip: If you find your baby starts to fuss, just grab the essentials and finish paying. At times the temperature and crowd in the store may over-stimulate your bub.


Pack a Nappy Bag:

This bag will be your best friend everywhere you go with your newborn. Packing all essentials in a bag and carrying it in your pram or backpack will save you from issues such as meltdowns due to hunger and urgency to change her nappy. Check out our newborn nappy bundle here.

Items to pack in your Nappy Bag include:

· Nappies X 5 

· Nappy disposable bags

· Wipes

· Nappy changing mat or disposable changing mats

· Extra outfit for bub and an extra shirt for you

· Bottles and formula (use a dispenser for easy access) if you are bottle-feeding

· One plastic cover (to store any dirty clothes)

· Power bank


Stay Close to the House:

You might be longing to visit that favourite coffee shop that is a two-hour drive away, however, we suggest keeping distance in mind while you are still in the process of learning about your baby's habits and personality. This way, you can reach home quickly when you’ve had enough or in the case of any emergencies. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to visit all your favourite spots. Just be sure to check out our article for the first time travelling with a newborn beforehand.

Pro tip: A day before your trip, map out nearby shops you'd like to visit.

Staying alert and planning the safety of your newborn is essential as you take her out into the public.

Have all emergency numbers available in one place: in your phone or notepad. This allows quick access to necessary contacts in case of a problem.


Let Bub Rest and Eat Beforehand:

A well-rested and full-tummy baby is a breeze to handle when you go out. First, above everything else, feed your baby and let her have a good nap at home to reduce the chances of them crying outside. 

Get in the car as soon as they wake up and be prepared to feed them during shopping if they seem hungry.

Pro tip: If your baby is content and not hungry during shopping, feed them before getting back into the car to go home. This will help them stay calm in the car, and might help them to catch up on a nap.


Go Easy on What you are Wearing:

This point is often ignored, but trust us, wearing the right clothes with breastfeeding in mind is very important as your baby doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Park Close to the Trolley Parking: 

This will save you time by allowing you to quickly put the shopping trolley away and head to the car.

Put a Fresh Nappy on your Baby Before Leaving:

Newborns tend to wee and poo frequently, so changing your baby will keep them fresh and reduce the occurrence of rashes.

Be prepared to change nappies in the mall if there is any leaking or if they poop.

Pro tip: Using a pacifier or a rattle while changing the nappy will keep your baby distracted, enabling fewer chances of them crying.


Have Some Food at Home:

Whether going for a coffee catch-up or running errands, having food at home will keep your energy levels up and help you with the breastmilk supply.

Remember to order a takeaway when you have food outside, and having easy to hold food like a sandwich or a wrap will be better if you are wearing your baby.

Opting for a quick way to finish your shopping is the best way if you are unsure of handling your baby outside. Always consider delegating some tasks to your partner or a friend if you are overwhelmed with all the sleepless nights and energy-sapping work.


Above all, don't forget to appreciate yourself for all the hard work you are doing to keep your newborn safe and happy. We see you, mama!